Benville Pet Resort
Services and Rates
Overnight Boarding Rates
1 Dog: $27 per night (24hr period)
2 Dogs Sharing Room: $40 per night
3 Dogs Sharing Room: $50 per night

1 Cat: $19 per night
2 Cats Sharing Room: $27
3 Cats Sharing Room: $32

All prices are plus HST

Payment Method: Cash, Cheque or Debit

Dog Walks
Available Monday through Friday, at a cost of $6.00 for a 15
minute walk.

Daycare Rates
Dogs: $20 + HST; 2nd dog from the same family is $10/day

Vaccinations, Minimum Requirements are:
FVRCP + Rabies for Cats
DHPP + Rabies for Dogs

Bordatella vaccine is recommended for dogs but please note:

Bordatella also known as Kennel cough is an airborne upper
respiratory infection similar to the common cold in humans.
Like the cold or the flu in humans, there are numrous
strains, so even with the vaccine your pet can still contract
kennel cough.

What to Bring:
Your pet's food and treats
Medications with instructions
Proof of vaccinations
Emergency contact numbers
Bed/blanket, toys if you wish (We provide kuranda beds)

Pre-booking inspections welcome! Contact us to book
an appointment.
Benville Pet Resort
146 Yankee Line RR 4
Omemee, Ontario K0L 2W0
(705) 799-1714